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I hope to see you at the new blog, for your convenience I have imported every post so that you can see them all!  Thank you for your continued support!

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What’s Up

What's Up

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Hey, Ladies!

Sooo I went to Body Mod Expo, and I have to admit, I went pretty crazy there.  There’s so much cool stuff there!  I especially love this tattoo from Reckless that has optional appliers for Slink hands, Lolas, AND Phat Azz.  I saw a bunch of other tattoo places with various appliers also so go now and get them!

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The Beautiful People

I remember when this song first came out.  I was in 7th grade and Marilyn Manson was strutting on stage at the VMAs….in a thong and a leather corset.  My mother walked in and immediately left the room once she saw him.  That day I felt like I had so much power.  My mother has left simply because I’m watching some dude show his asscheeks?  Works for me.  I bought the album the next day and blasted it when she came in the room from then on.  AAANYWAYS, I am blogging for OMGacha over at Jersey Shore and I couldn’t wait to show off my adorable new witch’s hat from Remarkable Oblivion!  A little birdy told me that Remarkable Oblivion is coming out with a nice selection of spooky items just in time for Halloween, so be sure you stay tuned!

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