Attention all Gesture Whores!!

I have just recently put a vendor with my gestures down at Hollywood Gestures!  

As far as gestures go, I’m really a small fry.  But my friends Blazin Aubret and Tommy10 Xue have tons of super awesome gestures over there as well!! Make sure you check it out, they’ve got great gestures for hosting and everything!  Happy shopping! ;D
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About lyricalember

I started blogging in February of 2012 with no knowledge of blogging websites or photoshop. I started out getting other people to take blog pictures for me, but quickly realized it would be much better to learn photography so I could blog on my terms and be more involved with the creative process. I began asking my friends with photoshop skills questions and watching photoshop tutorials on youtube. The result was Lyricism. Lyricism was, for me, a collaboration of music and fashion in sl and a way for me to creatively express myself. I hope you enjoy reading Lyricism as much as I enjoy creating it.

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