Bedtime for Lyri

I just love to get an adorable set of pajamas and snuggle up with a good book…or a good man. 😉

Who wants to tuck me in? ;D

Get the look:

  • Shape: My own, not for sale. (Thanks to Eric Szuyan for helping me tweak my shape!)
  • Skin: Minna (Peach) by LAQ
  • Hair:  Alexis by Truth Hair
  • Piercings and zodiac necklacePuncture
  • Pajamas: Candy Pajama 11  Suicidal Unborn
  • Glasses: Shiny mesh nerd glasses Steinwerk
  • Watch:  Chronokit
  • Crucifix Ring:  EY:NO
  • Prim socksMaitreya
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About lyricalember

I started blogging in February of 2012 with no knowledge of blogging websites or photoshop. I started out getting other people to take blog pictures for me, but quickly realized it would be much better to learn photography so I could blog on my terms and be more involved with the creative process. I began asking my friends with photoshop skills questions and watching photoshop tutorials on youtube. The result was Lyricism. Lyricism was, for me, a collaboration of music and fashion in sl and a way for me to creatively express myself. I hope you enjoy reading Lyricism as much as I enjoy creating it.

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